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ACAHU is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) currently made up of 4 trustees and 5 members, primarily from the diverse community, who make the decisions in relation to the carnival, including the appointment of the carnival advisors and directors.

ACAHU also has partnerships with the management  teams of other UK carnivals especially but not limited to Luton International Carnival and Nottinghill carnival. These partnerships  advise on programming, funding, international contacts, educational outreach, and much more.


Mike Kasibo, Co-Founder & CEO

Mike Kasibo is a strong believer of Black Lives Matter and a Social Justice Activist.


He is a Parish Councillor and the co-founder and CEO of African and Caribbean Arts & Heritage union.

He holds an MSc in Social Work and a degree in Applied Social Studies as well as a Diploma in Community Organising and leadership. 

With over 10 years’ experience in leadership, community organizing, youth work, and social care, Mike has contributed to the programs geared towards building community cohesion, social justice, building trust, breaking cultural barriers as well as reduction of knife and gun crime, in Milton Keynes and Eastern Europe, through activities and skills development such as ABCD and DDD models, power analysis mapping, Connecting, Speaking Out, Building Power and Mentoring.


Working with the team, Mike is looking forward to delivering the first carnival in Milton Keynes. He believes that the carnival in June will help to unite people after lockdown and isolation due to COVID-19.

Ian Nicholas, Director

Ian has a keen willingness to help and support the youth of today by means of social work, early intervention and liaising with schools.


Project/Event Management is one of his key areas, and he aims to lead many projects that will help African's and Caribbean's to network and reach their goals.

Ian has a strong passion for music and being part of the Milton Keynes Music Hub Board, he hope's to provide an influence on how music is taught and facilitated within Milton Keynes, whilst also opening doors to individuals who may not have been given the support or platform to pursue their ambitions.

Mike Okwalinga.jpg

Mike Okwalinga

Mike Okwalinga -Appointed as Cultural Ambassador and Clan Chief by His Highness The Emorimor, Papa Iteso, of Uganda in May 2017. Elected as Clan Chairman, Ateker Irarak Imorio (November 2019).


Taught Chemistry, Maths and General Science at Schools in London and Milton Keynes (1983-1994). 

Worked with an education Achievement Project at Northampton County Council aimed at raising the morale, motivation and educational achievement of children of African-Caribbean heritage (1994-1999).

Voluntary work:

Served as a committee member in Iteso Welfare Association (UK) for one year. Helped African and Caribbean GCSE and 'A' Level students in Milton Keynes and Northampton with Science and Maths homework during weekends and school holidays (1994-9).

Culture and history lead at "The Untold History of Africa", a project aimed at giving pride, confidence and self-respect to African youth (2018-).

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