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African and Caribbean Arts and Heritage Union

 ACAHU in partnership with Roots International Foundation

has been working with Pluggin for over four years in Building Safer Communities Together.

“A unique community-led approach and development pathway for young people at risk of exploitation, knife, and gun crimes in underserved at-risk community environments. A structured, expert-led UK & Ugandan framework helping these young people to change their understanding of self and identity, their mindset and outlook on life, and positive engagement for social mobility by taking them out of local UK danger into a safe and nurturing environment founded on cultural heritage, identity, and employability in Uganda.”
Mike Kasibo, Founder – Roots International Foundation.


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Stronger Together

The African and Caribbean Arts & Heritage Union (ACAHU) is a not-for profit organisation, setup to unite the increasing diverse communities in MK, especially the Africa and Caribbean communities with a belief that we are stronger together. Advocating for racial and economic equality, cultural identity, inclusion, and diversity through youth and wider community engagement and development in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.


Many young people, especially but not limited to those from the ethnic minority, are struggling with identity, leading to under achievment in schools. This has led to an increase in NEET catagory, criminal exploitation  and county lines. ACAHU is a beacon of hope, leading a drive to recognise the increased diversity and it's challenges in MK and therefore the need to support all young people across the city to develop their sense of identity, culture, self-worth, confidence, belonging and develop practical life skills.

ACAHU Mission Within Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas

Support young people caught up in criminal exploitation and county lines as well as those Not in Education, Employment or Training, through practical and skills transfer programs.

The advancement of Education through the development of an enhanced support learning framework to re-engage disadvantaged, excluded and marginalised children and young people  within the community back into formal education.

Offer mediation support to parents and children in schools and provision of relief for persons within the community who have been marginalised or are in need because of disadvantages related to youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.

The advancement of community development through a collective focus on developing pathways to build resilience, reduce inequalities, promote positive self-identity and create a sense of belonging and value.

ACAHU is Connected & Supported


ACAHU is a beneficiary of, and supported within a unique Regional Social Impact Framework which embeds businesses to deliver social value across Milton Keynes.
This establishes sustainable funding plus strategic links between business, non-profit services, academia, public sector bodies and residents.
The objective is to remove a reliance upon gran and public funding, using business social value to sustain and grow ACAHU services/projects and together transform the lives and prospects of young people within Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

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